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Tina Hartell

Autumn gets all the glory in Vermont. People travel hundreds of miles to see the truly amazing red and orange foliage. There’s speculation for weeks about whether or not this will be a good foliage season or whether or not we’ve hit “peak foliage” and tens-of-thousands of photos are taken across the state. The spectacle is absolutely stunning.

Every spring, right about now in the deep part of May, I am thrown by the spring foliage. Perhaps it’s the shock of seeing the color green after so many months of seeing just white, brown, grey, and the occasional blue. The change of color can be truly blinding and disorienting.

But who knew there were so many different shades of green? How is it that there is such range of textures and the subtle differences of color across this wild green spectrum? It’s as if a box of green crayons exploded across the hills – only better. It’s a unbelievable show, and Vermonters tend to have it all to themselves because by mid-June, the colors will have evened out into “hot-summer green,” but right now every species has its own special shade of cool.