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Tina Hartell

Bobo is really happy with how the 2015 season turned out. So are we. He came by the other day to see how clean up was going (slowly) and tasted some of the syrup. “Good year,” was all he said. Here are some stats from the season:

Number of gallons of maple syrup made: 790 gallons

Number of boils: 19 boils

Date of first boil: March 12

Date of last boil: April 17

Number of boils in April: 15

Gallons of sap collected and boiled: approximately 41,000 gallons

Average sugar content of sap: 1.48%. It went as high as 2% in the middle of the season and as low as 0.7% at the beginning and the end.

Cords of wood burned:8

While we finished off the rest of the sap in the pans and cleaned the pans, we still have taps to remove. I have to say that I’m looking forward to getting back into the woods without snow and with an eye for spring ephemerals. Bobo will be up there too.